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You want video game music, I love video game music and we're both using Spotify. Let me share with you what I've found so far, neatly organized into various playlists!

Note: Spotify still has regional differences when it comes to content. Certain titles within these playlists may not be available for you to listen to due to licensing agreements. If you come across a soundtrack on Spotify which is not listed in any of these playlists, the reverse may be the case and I am not able to see the release in my region. Either way I'd love to hear from you if you find any titles which are not included yet in these collections. You can reach me via twitter, google+ or send me an email.

Original Soundtracks

The main list is all about, as the title says, original soundtracks of video games. These are official soundtracks of released or soon to be published titles. The list also contains soundtracks for mods and various casual games, because even your pocket-sized iPhone- and Android-games can have some kick-ass OSTs!

Original Soundtracks (1947-2009)

The above mentioned Original Soundtracks-playlist hit the 9999 song limit in Spotify pretty quickly. Even now it's constantly hovering around the 10k entries! So I've forked everything pre-2009 into a playlist of its own. You'll find your older favourites here, including some of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 era.


This playlist contains albums (official release or not) which compile tracks from various titles or sources. You'll find series' compilations here as well as anthologies and retro video game albums.


Covers and video game related music spanning a wide range of titles and music genres. Apparently video games and metal go well together, whowouldathunk? But you'll also find your chiptune or acoustic covers in this list.

Pachinko & pachi-slot

The amount of pachinko music on Spotify is actually quite astonishing! So much that I've had to split it off into its own playlist. At least subscribing to Spotify-premium will probably cost you less than spending time at an actual Pachinko parlor.

Visual novels

Come and relax to the sounds of a romantic or hot-blooded visual novel. Due to the recent amount of additions these soundtracks also got their own playlist. Perhaps now senpai will notice me...

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Made using Notepad++, the 1140px grid, NeoCities and being tired of hearing there ain't enough video game music on Spotify. You can find me on twitter, google+ or send me an email.

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